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Landscape Equipment and Sand

Landscaping Equipment and Sand in Fresno, California

landscape equipment

The Tools for Your Task

Landscaping is not an easy undertaking. Without professional equipment to excavate and reshape the earth, the task is practically impossible. In addition to possessing the proper tools, you also need high-quality materials. These ensure the longevity of your final project. Build your dream property with our comprehensive variety of landscaping products.

Landscaping Equipment

A shovel and a rake are not going to cut it for a big project. While many people prefer to handle the maintenance of their own property, they still need the proper equipment to do it. Get the job done right with the right tools. We provide a large variety of landscaping machinery to ensure that you always have the best selection available to you. 

Uses of Sand in Landscaping

Play Areas

There’s a reason why sand has been used for years in playgrounds. It’s the perfect material that’s safe for children to roughhouse in. It also keeps both your children and your yard clean, because it provides dirt-free play areas. 

Between Pavers

Creating a custom pathway? Sand is often used to provide stability and leveling for pavers. Additionally, it prevents the stones from shifting or breaking beneath your feet. This increases the durability and life of your walkway. 

Correction for Clay Soil

If your soil is too heavy, adding sand may help. Introducing this substance to clay-heavy dirt lightens the weight, aids drainage and increases the air in your soil. Many plants thrive on the benefits brought about by these additions. 

Providing Materials for Your Project

At Allyn Goodall Trucking, we strive to offer you the best equipment and supplies for your landscaping project. We have both the materials and the means to transfer them all under one roof. Our team is always ready to provide you with helpful information and reliable service.